Vicksburg National Military Park

Visit the Vicksburg National Military Park, here the historic civil war battle was fought and the fort was held under siege for 47 long days. Learn and be inspired by this unique park. The park also has the USS Cairo Museum, home to the 500 ton USS Cairo along with other first of their kind Gunboats. Learn about the massive boats and how they battled each other and the damage they caused, Learn about the advances and how it helped win the war. Come visit the monuments and memorials that are dedicated to stand as a reminder of those who fought for our nation. 
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Vicksburg National Military Park

Here learn about the famous and important battle that lead to the Union victory of the United States civil war. The battle and siege of Vicksburg helped lead to the North victory. The Union general Ulysses S Grant lead a campaign to Vicksburg. The strategy and reason to attack Vicksburg was to shut down the Mississippi and strike deep in the heart of the south. He lead forces and battled to the city and then laid a 47 day siege to the city.

With the city surrounded and suffering the confederate general surrendered. 
This victory defeated the south economically, psychologically and leading to the end of the civil war. See the cannons involved in the siege as reminders of the bloodiest war that was fought in United States history. Over 620,000 soldiers were killed during this war. Learn about each side and how they both fought for a way of life and for their families and communities.  

Here at the Vicksburg National Military Park you can hire your own licensed battle guide. They will walk you though the historic grounds and recite the battles fought and interesting facts. 

You can also see live demonstrations and people dressed and in character to react the civil war. Visit the memorials and statues dedicated to the loves lost and the battles fought here in Vicksburg and the four year civil war. 
USS Cairo Museum
Here you can see up close one of the only remaining civil war iron clad ships. These ships were the first of their kind. As part of Union General Winfeild Scott's Anaconda plan, the Union had a ship blockade all along the southern coast to block them off from possible trade. In response the Confederacy lined a ship in 4 inch thick iron plates, making an at the time indestructible ship to get rid of the blockade. Little did the confederates know, the Union had another metal plated ship. These ships lead to the switch to Iron Clad ships and changed how the world would use navy's for  the rest of history. 

1117 Grove Street
Vicksburg, MS 39180